Dental Practice



Thru word of mouth, one of the owners of a dental practice reach out to me for help in a project they had: to better keep track their income, expenses, forecasting and incentive plan.

They had already an Excel file tracking all of these, but was very cumbersome and was taking too much time to keep accurate and relevant. Each month was in a different Tab; each year was a different file. Key reports where in different files. For each of their employees, they had created a file with their stats.


Making a Difference:

After the final Tool & Tracker was developed, the owner would be saving around 8-10 hours a month. All what they needed was contained in ONE file, with user friendly front end to log their data, multiple reports to keep track of the health of their practice and a front end login tab was developed, so each employee would be able to see only the information relevant to them.

This is another example of how creativity combined with their business & reporting needs, were able to make a difference in their work lives and now they can use those extra 8-10 hours in focusing to grow their practice.