Regardless of your role, function, size of your company or what you or your company do for living, we are positive that we can improve your everyday work life, by creating, simplifying and automating anything you or your team do in Excel

How much Excel is been used in your company?… That is how much we can help you…

 Have you ever heard this before (or have ever you said it)?

  •  My team is spending 80% of their time updating reports and 20% analysing them
  •  We could include other departments/teams in the report, but who owns it?
  •  The IT guys don’t have resources and/or is bottom the priority list
  •  Person that knew how to update/administrate the reports/process, left the company
  •  Where can I find those reports/documents, I have been chasing people all day to find them
  •  Wish there was an easier and less time consuming way to put the information together
  •  A consulting company or 3rd party is too expensive


If you have, we can certainly help you by a) simplifyingb) automating and c) making it more time/cost efficient, your key pain points in reporting, processes, administration, data collection & knowledge management needs.


At the end of the day, we will:

  • Improve capacity, capability to you and your team(s)
  • Help you drive to faster and more accurate decision making / reporting