Commercial Real State

United States


Thru a freelance web platform, one of the managers of an important Commercial Real State company contacted me to help them with a very special project: a spreadsheet that will allow them understand the ROI (Return On Investment) of buying, renovating, renting and selling Condo/Commercial buildings.

When they reached out to me, they had already started this project, but they were not able to add the complexities of their business into their spreadsheet.

Some of those complexities were: flexibility to enter any time/size of building, information (current and future rent, costs, downtime, square footage, contract expiration, etc) by UNIT of the building evaluated. As well as all the financial complexities.

Making a difference:

After the final Financial Spreadsheet was developed, the manager and owners would be able to have an easy and quick way of understanding the ROI of multi million dollar investments, with a high degree level of detail. The hours saved for this Commercial Real State are difficult to estimate, since before they didn’t have a way of doing this (only at a very high level); however, after this project was completed, with no doubt, were able to make a difference as they now can very quickly enter all the details of the target building and make the right decision to either make the investment or not.