The “Tournament Scheduler” is an Excel based program that will help you organise and schedule your Tournament. It will significantly reduce the time it takes to enter names in the Brackets and/or Round Robins, schedule matches and provide timely information to the players.

The “Tournament Scheduler” was built in collaboration with an experienced Squash Coach & Player, along with feedback and suggestions from multiple experts in the sports industry. The software can be used for any sport or event that uses single elimination format. Great examples of sports that can be used are: Squash, Tennis, Pickleball, Racquetball, Table Tennis, Badminton, etc, etc. You get the idea !

The fact that is built in Microsoft Excel, it allows for lots of flexibility and be used by everyone (except in Mac’s for now).

Feel free to download the 30 day free trial and feel free to upgrade for a full license at a very affordable price.

Follow the links for more information regarding Features and Pricing.

Feel free to reach out directly if you have any questions, suggestions or if you would like to become a Sponsor.