Are you ready for the #Excelchallenge ?

RCUBE Solutions Challenge 2


WHAT is Excel Challenge?

The goal behind these Excel Challenges, is to show you your learning potential of how by knowing more about Excel, you can save priceless time in your day to day.


HOW does it works?

Every Challenge will test your knowledge in Excel, with the opportunity to learn if you can’t solve it. Each Challenge will have a Business Case or Scenario, of how what you know or you are about to be challenged, can be used in your day to day. It will also make you realize (hopefully), how much time you can save every day, by just applying what you know or what you just learned.


WHY an Excel Challenge?

Having worked with Excel all my life and never been formally trained in Excel, it has taught me that by learning by trial & error or trying to figure it out on your own, it will help retention of what you learn, and most importantly, creativity on how to put things together.


HOW can someone participate?

Anyone can participate in the Challenge by just going to the level you feel comfortable with. There, you can then try and solve the Challenges that will be posted.

Each posting will have a brief summary of what you need to do, and then click on the download icon to download the macro free Excel file. You will find there a) “Business Case” or Challenge, b) why is important to know / learn about it and c) a tab with the actual Challenge you will be facing (You can keep the file afterwards! )


WHAT is next?

There are 2 possible outcomes:

  • You were able to complete the Challenge (congratulations by the way!!! ). You can now have some bragging rights with co-workers and friends and hopefully it will give you an idea of WHEN and WHY to use what you already know
  • You were not able to complete the Challenge (no worries… maybe you were very close but “something” was missing).. just don’t tell your friends or co-workers and either try to Google the answer or send me an email.

Either way you would have learned something new and I am sure you will find it VERY useful and will save you priceless time.


HOW much it costs?

The only investment you need to make is your time, but believe me, IT WILL PAY OUT.

The other “cost”, is just whatever time it takes, to share these Challenges with your friends & co-workers.