Do you manually keep track of your staff’s worked hours?

This could be a very time consuming task and very much prompt for errors.

CLOCK-IN is a simple but very effective tool that will help track your staff’s hours in a very cost efficient way.

Some of the features the tool has are:

  • Easy to setup and start using.
  • Clock-in / Clock-out automatically tracked on the day and time it is done.
  • It calculates hours worked from Clock-in to Clock-out by day and pay period.
  • Up to 4 Clock-in / Clock-out in the same day.
  • Other staff members can not see other’s staff time sheet or hours.
  • Easily manage your staff and passwords.
  • Ability for Managers to make corrections in  Clock-in / Clock-out time sheets.
  • Clock-in Tool is Excel based, no need for special or complicated installations (you just need to have Microsoft Excel 2010 or higher already installed in your computer)


Click Here from your PC to download the CLOCK-IN Tool. (Need Microsoft Excel 2010 or higher. Has not been tested on Mac’s)

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